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Tunnelís End Dairy Goats is a three-generation small family operation focused on developing top-quality genetics, sound health practices and milk production. Formed over 30 years ago at the family dairy farm, we currently have two breeds; Alpines and Saanens. Harold serves as the primary caretaker and goat holder, Nate is the owner whose primary interest is the acquisition of more animals, and Jason is the very low skilled laborer.

Our primary breed focus has been Saanens, but we keep the Whighamís What Not Alpine line alive with the memory of Judy Whigham who was a central member of our extended family.  Our Saanens are closely aligned with our friend and neighbor Paul Green whose Frosty Hollow Farms (FHF) Saanens were the premier herd in New York State for many years.

Located approximately 15 miles east of Binghamton, NY, the farm is named for its literal proximity to the end of an underground railroad tunnel which is located beneath the farmís land. We welcome visitors and encourage you to check out our Sales page for information on breeding plans and animals available for purchase.

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